Complete Name:
Stefano Trulla
Date Of Birth:
Spector Rebop Deluxe, Ashdown ABM 500 EVO II, Ashdown ABM 410
Star Sign:
Favourite Irreverence Song:
In Thoughts, The Shepherd Dog
Favourite bands:
Too many!
Favourite musicians:
Miles Davis
Favourite playlist:
Entire "Peace Sells..But Who's Buying" and "Dark Side Of The Moon" albums
First bought album:
I can't remember, sorry!
Least favourite music:
Teen really sucks!
Favourite Food:
Pasta and Pizza
Favourite Movies:
Sin City, Back To the Future, Quentin Tarantino's movies
Favourite Books:
Palahaniuk's books, Dracula's Bram Stoker, Moby Dick
Movies, books, sports, beer
Best concert:
Overkill & Mortal Sin, Roger Waters "The Wall"
Best concert with Irreverence:
Still have to come!
Favourite country:
No one!
Things you hate:
Favourite non-alcoholic drink:
Water & Green Tea
The beatiful woman:
Jessica Alba and Salma Hayek
The worst man:
Radical chic
Final Words:
We don't care what you say...FUCK YOU!