October, 13 2020

Italian thrash metal veterans IRREVERENCE has just signed a deal with German label STF Records in order to release their new upcoming Ep. The new effort will be released later this winter and will be the group's first with bassist Andrea Sangalli (ex-CALIBRO9 HC).

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February, 01 2019

Hey there!

We want to update you about significant lineup changes. As founding members of the band, both me and Davide would like to thank Stefano and Eros for the lasts intense years spent playing together:

"We wish the whole best Stefano Trulla and Eros Melis (respectively bassist and guitarist of the band) that, after three albums and 7 years of militancy, sweat and work, have decided to leave the band for different but equally meaningful reasons in their personal life. Stefano has preferred to devote strengths and energies to what his run of studies and professional, that is intensified and absorbed him to the point not to succeed in succeeding and managing both activities with constancy and profit anymore. As Eros regards we have been worthwhile better with him that pits to interrupt our collaboration in how much he has decided to make return in Sardinia. Choice of life that is shown incompatible with the activity of the band, despite we tried for almost one year to hold long live this possibility and the consequent permanence of Eros inside the band.

As all those people who have belonged to the band, will remain always integral part of the project and they will have all of our respect however for how much they gave during the respective permanences with us. Looking forward, as we have always done in these 24 years of career, we are happy to announce that two new members joined the band and they're already active part to all the effects of it. We've found in Marco Colombo (guitar, currently busy also with the italians ANCIENT DOME) and Marco Vergani (bass, ex-NEON) the ideal components to complete the line-up again"

New line-up started off live on the occasion of "STILL BURNS" release show we held in December at Centrale Rock Pub, when the brand new band members performed a couple of songs with us in an ideal transfer of power with outgoing members.

We'll be busy on tomorrow, SATURDAY FEBRUARY 2nd 2019 at THE ONE LIVE CLUB in Cassano D'Adda (MILAN) for what will be the first of a series of dates to support the new release, details to follow:

Saturday February 2nd 2019

Piazzale Gobetti, Cassano D'Adda (MILAN)

See you there metalheads!!

The Band

December, 03 2018

Hey folks!

We're so proud to introduce you our brand new video “BLIND TIMES“!


Edited and post-producted by ourselves together with Carlo "Ark" Meroni, "BLIND TIMES" (new release forerunner single too) it's a kind of overview of the concept tied to "STILL BURNS", release that is freely and overtly inspired by Mathieu Kassovitz's masterpiece "La Haine".

The song is included in our new full-lenght "STILL BURNS" released on October 19th for STF Records. ENJOY IT!

We want to remind you the appointment settled for SATURDAY DECEMBER 15th at CENTRALE ROCK PUB in Erba (COMO, Italy) with "STILL BURNS" RELEASE SHOW when we'll hit the stage together with CRUENTATOR.

Saturday December 15th 2018

IRREVERENCE + CRUENTATOR (www.facebook.com/Cruentator)

Via Cascina California 9, Erba (COMO, Italy)
www.rockcentrale.com - www.facebook.com/Centrale-Rock-Pub-116920755174170

The Band

November, 19 2018

Hey there!

After the release of "STILL BURNS" (published on October 19th for STF-Records), we're happy and fuckin' excited to announce that we'll be held a special show dedicated to the live presentation of the new studio-work during which we'll play ALL the new album's tracks. without any EXCLUSION.

To complement live set, some of the most representative songs we've composed during our loooong career!

The appointement is settled for SATURDAY DECEMBER 15th, the location will be CENTRALE ROCK PUB in Erba (COMO, Italy).

To open the show, CRUENTATOR, a kick-ass thrash/death quintet formed in 2015 but already strong of the consensuses received with the debut-album "Ain't War Hell?" published on February 2017..don't miss them too!

To follow event details:

Saturday December 15th 2018

Special Guest:
Cruentator Thrash

Via Cascina California 9, Erba (COMO, Italy)
www.rockcentrale.com - Centrale Rock Pub

See you there metalheads!

October, 22 2018

We're back!

"STILL BURNS", our eighth studio-release is available in stores and on main digital platforms starting from today!

The new release consists of 10 tracks and, as widely announced, it's a concept album freely inspired by Mathieu Kassovitz's cinematographic masterpiece "La Haine", specificity that makes "STILL BURNS" an authentic journey inside one of the movies that have marked a time and that aroused international public opinion.

The entire full-lenght production has been carried out by Carlo "Ark" Meroni and by the band itself at A.D.S.R. Studios and Turkish Den Studios. Published and distribuited by german label STF Records, "STILL BURNS" can count on a particularly accurate processing during mixing and mastering, and marks a new stylistic turning point for the italian band. To follow the cover and complete tracklist:

1. So Far, So Good
2. Hate Still Burns
3. Blind Times
4. Stylized Social Realism
5. Know Who I Am
6. Groomed Wall Skip
7. Scumbags
8. The Choice
9. Skyscrapers
10. 6.01

Before to start the promotional tour planning that will see the combo engaged on national territory and overseas, the band will present the new album in its entirety with a dedicated RELEASE-SHOW, whose more details will follow soon.

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The Band

October, 02 2018

Hell-o there!

We're proud to let you know that the new single "BLIND TIMES" is finally available!

The song will be included in the new full lenght album "STILL BURNS" out on OCTOBER 19th 2018!
The single release is a trailblazer for our eighth official production apart of two years since live-album"RAISE CHAOS - LIVE IN MILAN" release.

The single, already available on main digital stores, contains 3 songs.
Beside the already mentioned "BLIND TIMES", "THE LAST CHAPTER" (taken from "WAR WAS WON") and "ENDEAVOUR TO LIVE" (taken from "SHREDS OF HUMANITY") are included.
Both songs versions have been recorded during twentieth anniversary show but not included in the official live.

Recorded by Carlo "Ark" Meroni (that also took care of the entire upcoming full-lenght album), mixed and mastered by Carlo "Ark" Meroni and ourselves, "BLIND TIMES" it's a kind of conceptual overview of the concept tied to "STILL BURNS", release that is freely and overtly inspired by Mathieu Kassovitz's masterpiece "La Haine".

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The Band

June, 14 2017

Hell-o folks!

Some time has passed since the last time we've posted a news, and it's time to come back to you! with the best news we can share with you all..we're almost ready to record our brand new 8th album!

It will deal with a concept album based on Mathieu Kassovitz's movie masterpiece "La Haine", we're quite sure a lot of you already know what a cinematographic milestone and what has represented and still representing despite over 30 years has passed since its release.

We already have 8 songs ready, and working hard on a couple of new ones, the last ones, before entering the studio on September/early Fall 2017. Will be released through STF Records, the german label that took care of "Raise Chaos - Live In Milan" release too.

More details will follow very soon..stay tuned! \m/

The Band

January, 23 2017

Hell-o comrades!

We're happy to announce that "RAISE CHAOS - LIVE IN MILAN", released on December 30th 2016 through STF-Records is now available through the main e-shops and streaming platforms! To follow direct links:







Recorded live in 2015 by Carlo Meroni (Ark) during the show that has celebrated our twentieth anniversary, "RAISE CHAOS - LIVE IN MILAN" it's our first official live-album..don't miss it!!

To follow the tracklist!

- Intro
- Elements Of Wrath
- The Shepherd Dog
- War Was Won (featuring Andrea from Methedras and Claudio from The Preachers)
- Shreds Of Humanity
- The Dark Fields
- Divine Hideout
- Slaughter Of The Innocents
- React, Reborn
- Not One Of Them (featuring Lele, Hellstorm former member)
- Politicians (featuring Mauro from Raw Power)
- State Oppression (featuring Mauro from Raw Power)
- (Empty) Tankard (featuring Gerre from Tankard)
- Ace Of Spades

For any kind of requests (reviews, interviews, booking, etc..):


GERMANY, EU and rest of world

The Band

January, 09 2017

Last year on December 28th a so-named God has chosen to recall to him his favourite, baddest, loudest, wildest and noisy bastard son.

His name was Ian but everybody was used to call him LEMMY.

We're not and we'll never be on God's side, but since that day he has something more to be forgiven for. And he must be very persuasive.

We want to remember Lemmy. He has been our musical father, and a man that probably none of us will ever become. On the day of his death's anniversary we want to share this song in homage to the memory of one of the greatest musician world has ever seen.

ACE OF SPADES (Live) taken from "RAISE CHAOS - LIVE IN MILAN" (2016 - STF Records)

The song is taken from our forthcoming live album that has been released through STF RECORDS on December 30th 2016. Those who follow us since years perfectly know what this song means for the band.


See you Lemmy

The Band

January, 09 2017

Hell-o folks!

We're happy to announce that we've reached an agreement for booking and management with the Hamburg-based agency KOMA BOOKING & MANAGEMENT !

We're very happy about this and we really look forward to work with them and with the other booking partners STF RECORDS, RED LION MUSIC AGENCY and CLAIRE AIRCHINSKY BAND MANAGEMENT for our next dates and tours in Germany and northern Europe!

Stay tuned! \m/

The Band

December, 01 2016

Hell-o comrades!

We've just announced the very the deals signed with Red Lion Music Agency and Claire Airchinsky Band Management , another important news is here! We're proud announce our signing with the german label STF RECORDS . New record deal..new release! Our seventh album will be the long time awaited first LIVE ALBUM. Infact, in conjunction with the end of the year, on DECEMBER 30th 2016, "RAISE CHAOS - LIVE IN MILAN" will be available!!

Recorded live in 2015 by Carlo Meroni (Ark) during the show that has celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the band, and mixed and mastered at A.D.S.R Incubus Studio, "RAISE CHAOS - LIVE IN MILAN" will include 14 songs and will be published both in Jewel Case CD and digital format through STF RECORDS!

To follow “RAISE CHAOS - LIVE IN MILAN” tracklist:

- Intro
- Elements Of Wrath
- The Shepherd Dog
- War Was Won (featuring Andrea from Methedras and Claudio from The Preachers)
- Shreds Of Humanity
- The Dark Fields
- Divine Hideout
- Slaughter Of The Innocents
- React, Reborn
- Not One Of Them (featuring Lele, Hellstorm former member)
- Politicians (featuring Mauro from Raw Power)
- State Oppression (featuring Mauro from Raw Power)
- (Empty) Tankard (featuring Gerre from Tankard)
- Ace Of Spades

We're happy to announce also that together with the release of the live album, "UPON THESE ASHES", the 5th studio-work release in 2010 through Noisehead Records will be put back on the market and on the main digital distribution networks by STF RECORDS.

Further infos on

Stay tuned!

The Band

November, 08 2016

Hell-o Thrashers!

We're back with a very significant news for us. We have signed a deal with the german booking agency RED LION MUSIC. The teutonic agency, that includes in its roster bands like BLITZKRIEG, EXUMER, LOUDNESS and TRAUMA, will take care of band's management and booking for european tour and festivals!

We're also happy to announce that we will be supported by CLAIRE AIRCHINSKY BAND MANAGEMENT, a newborn italian management and promotion company, for what concerns italian booking and promotion!

RED LION MUSIC Official Website:


The Band

September, 28 2015

Hell-o comrades!

We're back after the show that has celebrated our twenty years anniversary..has been amazing, THANK YOU ALL!!

But you know, we never stop! Here we are to announce the "XXth ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2015" dates! We'll be commited in both italian and UK shows and we can't wait to start! The tour will begin on WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 4th at THE BUMPER in LIVERPOOL (UK) where we'll perform together with UK deathsters MERCILESS TERROR and NIHILISM INCARNATE.

To follow all the tourdates in the detail!


Wednesday November 4th - LIVERPOOL (UK) - The Bumper
Thursday November 5th - NORWICH (UK) - The B2
Friday November 6th - BRISTOL (UK) - The Gryphon
Saturday November 7th - BOLTON (UK) - The Alma Inn
Thursday November 12th - BRESSO (IT) - Blue Rose
Friday November 13th - ERBA (IT) - Centrale Rock Pub
Saturday November 14th - CAGLIARI (IT) - Cueva Rock

See you under the stage!! \m/

The Band

September, 03 2015

Hey metalheads!

Further one week away from the event that will mark our twenty years anniversary, we're proud to post on our official YouTube page a video invitation that sees as protagonists most of the guests that will be part of the show together with us!!

Join IRREVERENCE Official YouTube Channel at



Or on GOOGLE+ at

See you there!! \m/

The Band

June, 03 2015

After the confirmations of date and location that will host the show we are proud to announce the names of the guests that will share the stage of LEGEND CLUB with us!

We're honoured and absolutely enthusiasts of this announcement. Have been having a commendation like this from artists that we consider friends first of all, make ourselves very proud and very satisfied. Nevertheless. In spite of difficulties that we face from twenty years by now. Record after record, tour after tour, gig after gig. To meet on the same stage and share it to celebrate this goal together with those who, like us, had shed blood and sweat on italian stages and not only, is the best thing could happened to celebrate a goal that make us feel very proud. This allows us to take a look to the future with renovated enthusiasm and give us energies and strength we need to never give up!!

Members from TANKARD, SADIST, RAW POWER, HYADES, METHEDRAS and ENDLESS PAIN, together with further special guests such as MARCO DI SALVIA (ex-NODE, PINO SCOTTO) and LELE TURCO (ex-NEOPHYTE, guitar player from death metal side-project M-16), and historical former members like MAURO PASSIATORE (bass player from 2002 to 2010) and LUCA COLOMBO (guitar player from 2003 to 2012) will be with us on that occasion..and no prisoners will be left!!

We remember you that the event will take place on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 12th 2015 at LEGEND CLUB in Milan (ITALY)..further details will be announced soon!

Saturday September 12th 2015
LEGEND CLUB - Via Enrico Fermi 98, MILAN (IT)
Doors opening 8.30 PM – Show starts at 10.30 PM
Entrance 5,00 Euro

Join the event on FB or GOOGLE+!



The Band

March, 23 2015

Hello fellas!

We're glad to announce the confirmations of date and location that will host the show that will celebrate our firsts 20 years of career! The event will take place on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 12th 2015, day that has a special relevance for us: on SEPTEMBER 12th 1995 the first rehearsal session took place! The defined location is LEGEND CLUB in Milan (ITALY), esteemed club known for the high quality of the shows hosted.

We'll give you a lot of surprises! A special set-list[B] where will be included songs taken from our 5 studio-releases, starting [B]from the debut-album "TOTALLY NEGATIVE THOUGHTS" til' the last "SHREDS OF HUMANITY". Many guests are foreseen on-stage, musicians and friends with whom we shared the scene and stage during these two decades of music, in addition to former members of the band!

"We've decided to make this anniversary a great reunion dedicated to those who have ever lived the underground scene with passion and sweat, and not a celebratory show only. That's why we want to gather musicians, persons and friends that could share our music with us, on-stage, and with everyone that will be present. Reaching 20 years of career playing metal in a country like Italy it's a great aim achieved for us, and September 12th show will be the successfull completion of this goal"

Further details on initiatives, guests and everything about the event will be announced in the next months!!!

Saturday September 12th 2015
LEGEND CLUB - Via Enrico Fermi 98, MILAN (IT)


The Band

September, 12 2014

Hell-o comrades!

We're happy to announce our brand new italian tour! We're fuckin' happy to come back on the road with our new album! Tour will start on FRIDAY OCTOBER 3rd at VAMPYRIA GOTHIC CAFE' in Reggio Emilia (Via Garonna, 15/G - www.vampyria.it) and will bring us to support and promote "SHREDS OF HUMANITY".

To follow all the tourdates in the detail:


Friday October 3rd 2014 - REGGIO EMILIA - Vampyria Gothic Cafè
Saturday October 4th 2014 - ROME - Closer Live Club
Saturday October 18th 2014 - COMO - Centrale Rock Pub (with SKORBUTICS)
Saturday November 1st 2014 - BERGAMO - Twentyseven (with METHEDRAS)
Friday November 7th 2014 - MILAN - Arci Svolta
Friday November 14th 2014 - BRESCIA - Circolo Colony (with METHEDRAS, EISEN)
Saturday November 15th 2014 - VERONA - Sottosopra (with SKORBUTICS)
Saturday January 17th 2015 - ALESSANDRIA - Mephisto Rock Cafè
Saturday January 31th 2015 - GENOVA - L'Angelo Azzurro
Saturday March 14th 2015 - PADOVA - W.I.P. Club

We're actually planning the second part of the tour that will achieve Europe during 2015...stay tuned!!

The Band

August, 18 2014

Hell-o fellows!

"SHREDS OF HUMANITY" merchandise is finally available! Send us an e-mail to order your own!

The Band

July, 03 2014

We're happy to announce our confirmation as headlining act on two metal happening in Milan area. The first one will take place on tomorrow, JULY 4th 2014 at SHELTER CLUB in Colturano (MILAN). The second one is settled on SEPTEMBER 6th 2014 at LEGEND CLUB in Milan. To follow event details:

Friday JULY 4th 2014
"SHELTER UNDER ASSAULT - Summertime Closing Night"

SHELTER CLUB - S.P. Cerca 6, Colturano (MILAN)

Saturday SEPTEMBER 6th 2014

LEGEND CLUB - Viale Enrico Fermi 98, MILAN

We look forward to see you there metal mates!!

The Band

April, 30 2014

Hell-o fellows!

We're fuckin' happy to announce the album release date together with release show date of our upcoming album "SHREDS OF HUMANITY"!

We'll introduce the new songs to you on MAY 23rd 2014 at BARRIO’S CAFE' in MILAN (the same day of STEFANO's birthday!). DEATHONATOR and WARSTORM will be our very special guests for this event, keep an eye on them! During the evening and after the show DJ TAZ (aleady resident DJ at ALCATRAZ, ROLLING STONE, ZOE and TRANSILVANYA)will be on consolle with his rock/metal selection.

Last but not least, the event has no charge, FREE ENTRANCE! To follow all the details:


Barrio’s Cafè
Via Barona Ang. Via Boffalora, Milano (MI) www.barrios.it


The Band